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Ready. Set. Train.


Raising the standard
from coast to coast


Thomson Training provides a personalized approach that is balanced - meeting runners where they are in the process of learning and growing as a student of the sport.  TT is a game changer elevating runners into the spotlight. Personally, I’ve witnessed my daughter come alive and become more passionate than ever about running.

Houston Barber (Frankfort, KY)  former State Champion, collegiate runner, and now parent of one of our runners



I’ve been working with Jacob and Thomas for almost two years and they’ve guided me to reach all my goals and even push me above those when I didn’t see it in myself. From teaching me about why I’m doing a specific workout to helping me run at a D1 level the coaches always had a plan. It’s easy to trust them because they have been there themselves within the sport. All the coaches put in a lot for everyone emotionally and overall have helped me enjoy running to the fullest while understanding what I’m doing!

Jimmy Mullarkey (Kentucky) athlete

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